Special Events

Product Launch Lighting on a Ship

Surf Theme Georgia Seaworld
California Themes, SeaWorld San Diego

Tuscan Theme Centerpiece

Aztec ThemeConvention Center Mexican Theme Lighting

African Theme
San Diego Zoo African Dancers w/Lighting

Truss and Lighting
Truss, Rear-Screen Projection and Lighting at Barona Ranch Casino

Large Pavilion with Lighting Effects & Power Distribution

Pirates Theme Centerpiece
Pirates Theme Decor and Lighting
Pirate Theme Midway Carrier
Pirate Theme on Midway Museum w/Lighting
Buffet Pirate Centerpiece
Pirate Theme Buffet Centerpiece Decor
Spandex Table Linens
Pirate Theme Linen Treatment
Elegant Decor
Elegant Decor and Centerpieces
Nautical Theme Lighting
Ship Lighting with Searchlights
NFL Event Party Lighting
Product Launch Sports Theme Event Sound/Lighting
Sports Lighting Theme
Lighting for Sports Theme Product Launch Event
Yacht Lighting Top Deck
Top Deck Furniture, Lighting, Centerpieces
Ship Lighting Couches
Centerpieces onboard a Charter Yacht
Tropical Centerpieces
Centerpieces with Green Red Treatments
Rear Screen with Lgihting
Backdrop Themed with side Lighting Panels

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